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Artist statement


I’m a Paris-based visual artist committed in a reflection on current environmental issues. I investigate inconsistencies of our behaviors facing ecological crisis, related to the persistence of overconsumption, overproduction or/and overexploitation of natural resources.


In my recent works I blend both documentary and fictional narratives, supported by scientific research and using the aura of a scientific aesthetic. I also play with irony to create ambiguity and doubt, questioning this way the notion of truth. In order to deal with the topic from different perspectives, I build multi-layered projects working with severals medias, such as photography, video, object, sound recording and text.




Beyond Coral White - Backlight Festival, Gallery Himmelblau in Tampere, FI. 

Beyond Coral White - Noorderlicht Fotofestival, Gröningen NL. 

Beyond Coral White - Festival Circulation(s), Paris, FR.

Beyond Coral White - Neimeister Cultural Center, Luxembourg, LU.



Beyond Coral White - Parallel Review, Lisbon, PT. Winner of the Parallel Award. 

Beyond Coral White - Encontros Da Imagen, Braga, PT. Winner of the Discovery Award.

Beyond Coral White - Capacenter, Budapest, HU.  

Beyond Coral White - Kauna Photography Gallery, Kaunas, LT. 

Beyond Coral White - Galerie Le Château d’Eau, Toulouse, FR. 

Eclipse of everyday life - Mois de la photo Off, Paris, FR.



Study -  Organ Vida / Parallel Plateform, Zagreb, HR. 



Study - Noorderlicht Fotofestival, Gröningen NL. 

Eclipse of everyday life - Fotohaus, Arles, FR.

Study - Goethe Institut Lyon, FR.

Game’s rules - Dezernat 16, Heidelberg, DE.  

Game’s rules - Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris, FR.



Study - La Panacée, Montpellier, FR. 

Study - Goethe Institut Paris, Lille, Toulouse, FR.

Game’s rules - Monat der Fotographie Off, Berlin, DE.

Study -  Dezernat 16, Heidelberg, DE.



Study - Fotohaus, Arles, FR.



Dams - Fotohaus, Arles, FR.



Studio LAK

10 rue Saint Louis 93500 Pantin

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